Doodle facts:  Did you know that Doodles are EXTREMELY intelligent?  They're highly
trainable, make great hunting dogs, excellent service dogs, and loyal loving companions.
They're also great with kids and other animals.
Daisy is a shaggy Goldendoodle.  Miss
Daisy is hands down the best dog I
have ever had.  And her sister, Bonnie
is a close second.  
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We no longer breed doodles.    I wish I knew where to refer you to get one... if you find a
good place, let me know, because in a few years, I will be looking for a huge cream,
apricot, or chocolate MALE Goldendoodle!!  :-) I won't ever settle for less than a

We will, however, in the future breed the occasional litter of MORKIEPOO puppies.  :-)