Pups from past litters
I thought you might enjoy a doodle update! These are a few pics of Millie growing like a weed. I took them all yesterday
and she just LOVED the snow. Her weight has actually doubled in the almost four weeks we've had her and we love
her to death.
She has had her second round of shots and started puppy kindergarten last week where she was definitely the
teacher's pet out of 17 puppies. She is so smart. A little hyper... But definitely smart. :) She is such a pretty apricot color
and gets more doodly everyday.
Max the Goldendoodle.
Molly Sue wants to wish a
happy Mother's day to her
mom.  Molly was born
December 5, 2008.  You
called her Curly Girl. She
has brought us much joy.  
She is very intelligent and
has grown to 98 lbs.  She
is not overweight, just a
large healthy pooch.  She
has certificates of
Achievement in puppy and
Intermediate Education.
Not for sale
Norman is 90 lbs. He is big, but a big baby!.
Not for sale...
Max the Goldendoodle.
Not for sale.
Not for sale.

I would LOVE to send you some more images! I am a photographer so I take pictures of Otis every
chance I get!:) I am so proud of him and would love to show him off. After I posted that image on my
photography page I had about 4 people ask where I got him! I sent them your way and would love for
you to get all of the business you can! My page on facebook is call Kourtney Huddleston Photography if
you want to check it out. Otis weighs 45 pounds and he is so fluffy!!! Otis is such a great dog. His
mommy was Lucy!!:) He is so goofy and loving. His coat has a slight red tent to it and I love it! He has
the most red around his mouth. He is excellent around children, he loves them! He minds very well
and he is very smart. We took him to a six week training class at pets mart. He caught on very fast. We
are going to take him to more classes because he did so good and we enjoyed it so much! He can sit,
laydown, stay, shake and high five!!:) We love working with him and he seems to love learning!!:) He
is very playful and gets bored easy haha!! He loves his toys and playing fetch. His potty training only
took about 2 weeks! I want another one so bad! I want a golden one someday. If I could get a golden
one that looked identical to him it would be perfect. I love his build and blocky head. He really is just
what we wanted. Thank you so much for helping us pick him out. We get so many compliments on him
everywhere we go and it always makes me feel so good!!:) I take him everywhere I go he loves car
rides and sticking his head out the window!!:) I am slightly obsessed with him!! Haha he is perfect in
my eyes! If my husband lets me get another one someday I will be getting with you to find my perfect
golden baby!:) I will send you some more images if you need anything else let me know!!:)

Thank you,
Mia and Bruno
As puppies, Bruno and Mia were black,  but
turned beautiful silver!  
Not for sale